It seems that the “power transfer” process from Pak Lah to Najib is already under way, and all seems to be pointing into the direction that Najib will be the next President of UMNO. At the same time, we see few other names crop up for various key posts in UMNO, and the next few weeks we will see slurry of campaign by these candidates to get nomination numbers from the divisions as they meet. The supporters for candidates will clamor that Khairy will be the “deserving” candidate for the UMNO Youth chief, Muhyidin “deserving” candidate for the Deputy President, and so on. This is what I called as UMNO’s “Possessive Politics”. A candidate deserve the position, because he possess it. The position “belongs” to him.

In UMNO, the game is, “a person” should be elected to the position because “he/she deserves” to be so. None of the members of UMNO will ever ask: “What have you done, or accomplish, as well as your service track records to the people and the party?”. Will ever UMNO allows debates (opened or closed debates) between these so called “deserving candidates” for the members to see who are truly capable – is very much doubtful. But honestly, this should be one of the true and fair test fo peoples capability and leadership qualities. When people are elected through a “non-competitive”process, you will end up with incapable and incompetent leaders. Pak Lah is already a good example of that.

The application of possessive politics runs in UMNO all the way from the top leadership right to the Division heads level. An example is Ahmad Ismail: to him, the Bukit Bendera UMNO Division is “his”, and hence don’t expect that he will allow anyone to challenge him (if any, it won’t be a fair game for the challenger). All the people in various other positions within the Division are surely “his” people. He is the “small Kingdom” within a “bigger Kingdom“. Each King or Prince, is the owner of his territory and subjects. The same thing applies to the Branch level as well.

If you check the recent reports of worng doings within UMNO, you can see that many leaders in positions use all tactics and means, such as to nullify branch meetings, just to kill of any oponents based on technicalities. Similarly, at the top level, the quota system will be used to stop seroius contenders (like Ku Li), to even have any chance at contesting. This is the “Rots” that UMNO has gotten (see Rotting of the Roots).

What will be the results of these “Possessive Politics”? The answer is: “Possesive Leaders”, leaders who thinks, believe, acts, and behave in manners such that: they “posses” the positions. Thats the reason why when anyone of them were asked to leave voluntarily – they will never do so, unless tremendous pressures being applied, or some catastrophic things happened. The main results of possessive leaders – is that they will believe that they are the people who deserve to rule. (Note that this is the same way Naziism was being justified: that the Aryan race, are the “selected people” to rule).

This brings us back to the question of “Paradox of Sovereignty” – whereby human of such nature, will generally be very harmful to society and will rarely be beneficial to the citizen. Why? Because when someone (or a group) holds the beleive that he/she/they are the deserving party to rule, then the result will be a political system that either will be a totalitarianism or an autocracy.

Therefore, my conclusion is: the current events of power transitions affirms further the fact that we should just drop UMNO from our hope. Any “hope that the changes are for the better of the country” is just like a mirage in the middle of the desert. We are just seeing a change of guard, the guards are off course, guardians of the same system. But don’t be surprised that many can fall for that trap, as it happened so many time in the past.

CHANGE, IS WHAT WE NEED….(and Dato’ Seri Anwar:  “sooner please!”)

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