In the next few series of articles, I am going to address an important question that is at the heart of all my discussions on Malaysia and Malays thus far. My interest is not so much on the subject per se, as it is clear to me that all these discussions are meaningless unless we as the Nation (with the Malays as the majority) could thrive and survive in the future. I have been searching all over the place for studies, papers, books and anything that I can get hold on to on this subject; and to my frustrations and disdain, I couldn’t find much. The subject of Malaysia’s competiveness has not been the interest of our own people, and off course, not many international scholars spent their efforts on Malaysia as it is a small nation. Most studies would lump us together with other South East Asian nations, whereby you can learn some sketches of the subject here and there.

Therefore, I would caution the readers that quite a bit of the writings are from my own experience, general readings and thoughts. I have not backed it up with hard data as I am handicapped due to lack of research papers that can provide me with summarized data, and my inability to conduct my own research and findings – due to time constraints and also since some subjects are beyond my training and expertise (such as agriculture, geology, etc.). However, given the seriousness of the subject and the pressing need to raise the issues, I will still make my best attempt to bring readers broad enough discussions, of which I will let you, the readers decide whether my assessments are accurate or wrong. For any factual mistakes, I wish to apologize well ahead and would welcome your input. With that introduction, let us then delve into how I am planning to organize the discussions.

What I will do in this series of articles is to synchronize it by clustering the issues subject by subject under different headings. The objective of all these sections are to give various assessments and state the case where do we stand in regards to our capability to compete in the Global Economy.

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