It is interesting to see the above captioned from YBM Tengku Razaleigh blog when he describes about the law and what happened in Perak. Yes, to most people we do not “see” the laws and generally we do not understand the laws as they are being interpreted and decided in the close chambers of the judges.

Razaleigh, being himself, educated in law, and has been at the top echelon leadership of the country for some period in the past, is probably the wisest person to explain the Perak debacle in the most logical manner. While the issues are now being dragged into the courts and legal means by all sides; it seems that we, the common people are left in the lurch, with utter confusion.

The problem is, as Razaleigh said it, the issue now is about public perception and less of the law itself. If the public perceive that they have been robbed of their rights, no matter what the courts decide, the damage has been done – and it breeds disrespect to the law (and the constitution).

From my point of view, as a person who not trained in the laws, and have little knowledge about it; what Razaleigh said, strike at the core of the problem. As I see it, from legal point of view, both sides can be legally “correct”; that is according to their interpretation of the laws. But the laws itself are not a fool proof. Given the nature of the ways it is written, it may open itself to so many “correct”interpretation – as the loopholes that may be present.

Therefore, it is not anymore so much of who is right in the point of the law, but the public’s confidence in the law itself that are being tried. Well, maybe there is an advantage of having once for all these conundrums being clarified at the Federal Court, so that in the future we may have a guidance on how to deal with such similar issues. But at the same time the purpose of the Law is for people to adhere and revere it – which in my opinion is the highest order of all. Therefore, it is probably the best thing is to drop all these “legal” challenges and leave it to people to decide by the ballot box.


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  1. Yeremia

    Yes, Too much of Laws have been presented & debated even behind closed doors(why closed doors, must be up to some mischives by the ‘frightened or wrong-doers’) to the extend both sides seems correct/wrong.

    So, simple answer to the problem, go back to the Rakyat of Perak once & for all. Stop wasting time, the Rakyats are sufferring & fed-up.

    Long Live Democracy & Malaysia Hidup !


    There are too many excesses baggage by the royalties as well as the politicians. Raja Petra’s comments about the royalties are timely and correct. Their legitimacy and power actually lies with the people. They should and always be with the people, not the select few.

    However, their baggage are also laden with matters that are easily exploitable by these select few. Name me any Royalty that does not have business interest and interference with business affairs?

    Should they be allowed to in business? If not them directly, how about the people that are related to them?

  3. Yeremia

    Yes, Dr Wan Muhamad, you are right, “there are too many excesses baggage by the royalties as well as the politicians…” RPK is right too!

    How can both of these people be fair, honest & with integrity decides & make decisions, especially for the Rakyats, when there is between their own business(monetary) interest and the Rakyats’ interest?

    The is/should be an Enactment that these parties(Politicians & royalties) should be separated between their ‘callings’ & business interest.

    If/should they want/need to be in/doing business/es, than go full time for the business. They should not be in policitics/royal rules fulltime. Let others who can serve the Rakyats without prejudices take over.

    Neither should they be allowed to use proxies to cover-up their business interest while pretending to be fulltime politicians or royalties.

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