I have argued earlier that what we want is the leaders who are the least defective. This is the “contrarian view” that I have, which simply states that to choose a leader – his weak attributes must be known to us, while the strong attributes should be the measure of his ability. Knowledge of the weak attributes should allow us to “deny” the persons from leadership posts, while knowledge of strong attributes, allow us to choose the better persons among those who does not poses significant risks due to the absence of major weak attributes.

This was echoed by Caliph Abu Bakar when he was elected as the Caliph by unanimous decisions of the Companions – “that I am not the best among you, but I am the one with the utmost responsibilities”. That is, there are better and able leaders among the Companions, but he is the most pious, and hence the least of the defectives, among the best of the people (i.e. the Companions).

Therefore, when it has became clear to us that certain individuals are corrupt (doesn’t matter what the degrees are), their “weak attributes” are already known – and hence should be ruled out from any leadership posts. And for that matter, they should also resign and relief themselves from whatever posts that they are currently holding.

Fit and Proper tests is designed to check one important thing – that is “does the person have significant negative attributes” that deemed him/her to be unfit to be a “choice” or “candidates” for people to consider. If they failed that, then they are not fit to stand as candidates and what more to hold any posts (even by virtue of appointments).

The current debacle – about Najib’s fitness to be the next PM; Ali Rustam, KJ, Norza and others – is about that – namely whether these people can pass the fit and proper test. The answer is obviously that they all failed; and hence the right and proper thing is for them is to back out from all posts as well as any nominations for any posts. That is the proper message and standards to be set for the society.

While the issues itself has a lot of “legal” bearings, such as the violations of Corruption laws and Societies’ Act (for UMNO); the more important issue is the message for the public – that corruption is okay as long as you know how to massage it. In another word, we set a new standards for everyone else to follow, since at the top most positions, such things are tolerated.

If that is the case, then we are really doomed and cursed. We are taking many step backwards that will take years (or decades) before this can be reversed. I can only pray that the public and society at large are wise enough to know falsehood from the truth.


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  1. takpandai

    Good day Dr, I’m quite sure that many of the working middle-class Malaysians would be aware of the Malaise that is currently affecting the country’s political system. When one goes through the local news daily.. it is of no fail that news regarding politicians churning out ludicrous projects or spewing out inflammatory comments would surface.

    In hard economic times such as now, we could still hear certain parties discussing things such as who should be the sole provider of fish containers (sounds fishy), building animal parks and of course constructing a new bridge that links with Indonesia (a psychotic patient with visions of grandeur?)

    Anyway back to your topic on politicians relieving themselves due to corruption scandals – I must say, it’s a rather alien concept for the politicians here. KJ, Rustam, Khir Toyo – can someone tell me when they are NOT linked with some sort of scandal? Bunch of toyols I guess

    Meanwhile Dr, would you be kind enough to recommend some books for us to read about? Economics, finance or whatever interesting.. thanks!


    Dear Erfan

    I know that I am defective in many ways for me to go forward. Going into Politics, someone must have a very clear sense of purpose, resolve and readiness. Most are not ready to enter into politics – and enter only with ill preparations; which cause the results that we saw..


    Dear Takpandai

    There are many good books to read…recent book that I came accross: the March of Folly by Barabara Tuchman, available at Kinokuniya, under History section. The book is about political folly – which you will is happening around us today.

    About economy – two recent books, one by Paul Krugman (about depression economics) and another one by Robert Shiller (Housing Bubbles). A have both books but I forgot the titles as I do not carry it with me. These books give you some sense about the recent economic debacles.

    Off course, if you are interested about economic philosophy – an old book by Joseph Schumepeter: Democracy, Socialism, and Capitalism is a refreshing read – which explains about its successes and failures.

    All are available at Kinokuniya.

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