The recent on and off talks of unity government is a joke in some disproportionate amount. Why I would say so,is because unity can only be meaningful and achievable if everyone understood and agree what they are uniting for. Just like a marriage; if both person agree on what they want to do (that is to be a couple), then only they can be united in matrimonial vows (akad nikah).

What is so funny to me, is why and what in the world Haji Hadi and his camp is trying to do? To form a unity government with UMNO so that we can preserve the powers of the Malay? Then to do what? Or is it more that he is falling into the trap of trying to salvage the lost cause of UMNO in defending the Malays? Whereas, PAS, all along in its struggle has been on establishing an Islamic state (or Islamic values), and never was a race based struggle. Isn’t that Islam does not promote any racial divide as it values and Taqwa as the utmost measure of a person’s dignity?

My opinion is: how to achieve unity on a disunited cause? It is impossible and improbable – except that if it is for the sake of some marriage of convenience. If that is the case, then PAS is foregoing its fundamental principles, and just behave like any political parties (which I always believe that is the case).

I also recall some fifteen years ago, when I joined UMNO, I was vehemently attacked by many PAS sympathizers and supporters as if I am abandoning the struggle and my principles. Well, the wheel of time has turned around – and now what would these same people say?

In summary: there is no real unity in a disunited cause. So what the fuss is all about- except for pure politicking. In the sense, I always stood by Tuan Guru Nik Aziz – who is always concisely clear in what he says. PAS and UMNO can unite, if UMNO can acept PAS’s principles. Otherwise, how can they be united, on a disunited existence.


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  1. Erfan Yaser

    I agree with you DR. WAN but to me ,

    Haji Hadi No more Tuan Guru, seems like to be a politician but fool in the step …….and Tuan Guru Nik Aziz is smarter to read what`s going to happen for unity in disunity. tq

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