The more I observe what’s going on around us, the less hope it seems that I can put my self on. The economy is in tatter, and on the brink of a major recession; politics is really at the highest state of doldrums ever; and people are becoming less and less reliable, to rely on. What can you and me hold on in this state of hopelessness?

This is the question that I ask myself again and again. I know that God and His Prophet taught us that we can never lose our hope; and at anytime we must always look back to Him for our guidance. But then again, it sounds good only in theory, but in reality you still have this sense of hopelessness overcoming you, again and again.

Off course there are those people who didn’t realize how dire the state we are in; and therefore, the sense of hopelessness didn’t overwhelm them. They are apathetic to what’s going on, except for the daily mundane things that they do in their lives. But then again, in truth, they are not free from it; as when the reality bites, they will feel the pain even more than the others.

Then, there are people who live with their conscience high, and yet they are being harassed and challenged everyday by the same people who are in fact the destroyer of hope. The question is how long can these people hold on to their conscience and belief, until one day he might break and lose hope as well?

It is a very tough situation for anyone who think deeply and maintain a very high inner conscience to live in such predicament. This is where the real test lies: whether can you look deeper into yourself and attain realization, understanding and meaning of what’s going on surrounding you?

This are what great men before us do, that is to develop a strong sense of inner understandings of this life and its true meaning, so that you can make sense of this chaotic and sometimes senseless world. Through these contemplations and reading of life, will make you stronger and clearer about the people, events, situations and hence provide you the real sense of what it is all about. In this way, whatever happened, for you, it should be understood as not as a question of whether there is any hope or no hope at all; it is about leading your own life in the straight path to meet your own destiny.

The final destiny is off course, to meet God, and to submit to him with humility, sincerity and believe in His ultimate Wisdom and Mercy.

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  1. takpandai

    Yet despite all of the hopelessness and senseless events, life must go on as usual.. What do you think of the 1 trillion fund injection into IMF by the G20? I think it’s madness.. creating infinitely more debt and possibly another bubble in the future.. but as usual the markets rally in joy now, as excepted of the electronic herd

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