Off late, I have not been able to write anything to my blog; it is not because I am too busy or do not have anything to write about. In fact, to the contrary I have written a few article that are almost ready to be posted. But I felt so disheartened by whats going on in the country, so much so that I have no mood to post anything at all.

The situation if any words can describe it, is in full shamble, and at times sending an eerie and chilling sense to the bone. UMNO and BN in a rush to take back the state of Perak, have underestimated many things and execute a strategy in a rush – that creates more troubles at any cost. Whoever their advisers are, I can only summarize them in one word: careless. PR on the other hand was pushed to the corner and have to fight with all the might of BN, have to take it to the people – which in another way create a problem: further divide the people in general, and the Malays in particular. At the end we have a massive shambles at one end, and a divided society at the other end. Neither is good for the country.

At the same times, the words that are being hurled left and right are getting more direct and “violent” – such as BABI (Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim), “blood must be spilled”, “shoot him dead”, etc., are extremely dangerous and beyond civilized way of doing things. We must remember that May 13, 69 was not that long ago. It was “ignited” by events that may even be orchestrated by some parties – that eventually turned into a widespread mayhem, which gave birth to the NEP and many other policies that govern us for more than 30 years.

Even the people who were released from the ISA (for which I am glad that they were), lost their sense. Struggle is about sustainability and for the common good for all the people; not for only a sector of the society. Instead, they used as a cause for championing the Indian race or community. Has MIC serve them a lesson? Or for that matter, many small Indian based parties? A true hero is not an overnight game; and it is also not about popularity game. Would they humbled themselves down and learn from a truly great Indian “hero”, Mahatma Ghandi? Whose fight and struggle is for all Indian people regardless of relegion, caste or background.

Remember that Bosnia (former Yugoslavia) was in peace for more than 100 years, until suddenly it erupted into massive violence that killed hundred of thousands of innocent lives. Lebanon was in peace for over 300 years – and suddenly neighbors started to kill neighbors. Racial and social conflicts can remain dormant for ages and suddenly its ugly head can emerge out of nowhere and mayhem follows.

“Crisis or conflict” can further push people into extremism. As the heat getting hotter, more and more people will enter the fray, and without understanding the whole purpose and consequence, it will turn into a mob. Such was the history of humanity.

We need voice of reason to rise up quickly. It has to dominate the discussions and fill the airwaves urgently. Maybe I am a bit too “panicky” about it – but I can see a trend when it is developing to be so. Unless the trend is reversed at the source (just like an avalanche), then it may be too late to do anything when it reached its full height and capacity. At that time, nobody can do anything except to watch the devastation and destruction forces takes its full impact. I pray to God that it will never happen. Not in my beloved country of Malaysia. Amen.

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  1. Casey Lim

    Dear Dr.

    Very simple and direct article reflecting the situation we see happening before our very eyes. It sure does make all of us wonder how can anyone, BN for that matter, think that all their ‘blatancy’ can be forgotten and will not affect them in the coming days leading up to the election?

    Is it desperation ..? If it is .. desperation breeds worrying outcome ..

    I pray to God too ..


    KC Lim

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