LAWS ARE INVISIBLE THING – further comments

As I have commented before, borrowing captioned from YBM Tengku Razaliegh Hamzah, that Laws are Invisble Thing, perfectly summarized the Perak Saga. By the day, it is becoming absolutely obvious that whattever both sides going to do, there won’t be a decisive ruling from the courts that can break the impasse. As we have known, the High Court judge, ruled in favor of Nizar and PR in a more than seventy pages written rulings, and yet it was stayed at the Appeal Court on hush-hush decisions without any written judgement accompanied. And now, the whole matter is in the Courts of Appeal.

Regardless of whatever the outome and decisions by the Appeal Court, one thing is certain, it will set precedents that in the long haul will ONLY add more potential problems in the future. Should the Appeal Court decided in favor of Zambry, then it will open a whole pandoras box which in fact can also be used by PR should ever any attempts by BN to unwrest power from them (say in Selangor). In another word, whatever the outcome is, it is a double edge sword that cuts both ways and will only increase any similar challenges in the future.

The public on the other end, will only be further divided based on their inclinations and political leanings. If they are with Nizar, they would say that legally they are right; and off course the same goes for BN and Zambry. As I have commented, the laws are open and wide for so many interpretations and given the influence by “invisible hands”, the already Invisble laws, became more invisible to most.

In case of the US court, they do have a jury system – whereby the Jury will be the decider on cases presented. Even though we in Malaysia have scrapped our Jury systems long time ago, we forgot that in actuality the Jury are still out there – especially in political cases, namely the Public. Why not try everyone in the public jury system – that is by calling for dissolution of the state assembly and then have a state general election. In this case then we put to the matter to test in the real court – that is the court of the public opinion by way of their votes.

In this case we avoid the invisiblity and settle the scores once for all.


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