Of the Creation and Believe (“Iman”)

I always wonder and think about the Creation. Is there such thing as the “big bang” – that started this universe? and will there be a time when all the universe will collapse back into the “black hole”? Is the Big Bang – the same as the word “KUN FA YAKUUN” as Allah says in the Quran? And does the collapse of the universe means the same thing as “YAWMUL QIYAAMAH”?

If there is the Beginning and there will be the End, where are WE at this point of time? When do we enter into this Universe as a Being and when will we go? If we did came in, and here we are in the present, where will then go after we are finished from this place?

The easy answer is: All of these are already there being described in the scriptures (Quran and Hadiths), and let us just take is as a believe (or iman) in verbatim and let us not question anything, lest we get astray and become a non-believer. I am having problem with the above approach – because blind faith and believe is nothing more than skin deep. We say that we believe, but in reality (especially when we are tested), such believe or faith is far from true. In fact, we just say we believe to make ourself “feel good”, and that we are part the believers, and hence the “paradise” will be our abode of eternity.

In fact, we should always be asking ourself about our Believe (or Iman), and always seek the meaning of life and other things surrounding us to further strengthen the Believe, and reaffirm it all the time. This is the meaning when Prophet Ibrahim a.s. when he ask Allah as a proof that Allah can recreate life after death. When Allah ask him why, he said: “LIYATMAINNA QALBI” that is to reassure his heart (i.e. he has no doubt in his heart, but rather to further affirm his Believe). This should be the same approach that we must take – that is to always question ourself of what we take for granted as “our Believe” in order to be sure or to reaffirm ourself that whatever we think that we believe in, is actually what it is.

In the next few writings, I will deliberate the subject and hope to share what I think and I believe about the Creation and our presence in this mundane world.

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