Space, Time and Our Existence

Our bodily existence can only happen in Space. It occupy certain space in this universe, and exist within a certain define space at any point in time. Therefore, we can say that we exist as “Matter” within the domain of Space. On the other hand, our existence is dependent on Time. We actually “moves” through time, from the day we were born (or in the womb), till we pass away (die).

Before we are created, and after we die, “Space” and “Time” are not the domain that we are connected with. As the Quran says “LAM YAKUN SYAI AN MAZKUURA” – we were/are something that is not recognizable (or mentionable).

If we refer back to the subject of the Creation – what can we say about “Time” and “Space”? Are they part of the Creation? The answer is clearly so – they are part of the Creation. Both “Time” and “Space” is God’s creation. Both cannot exist, unless they are being created (i.e. Makhluk). Hence, not only we are a creation (i.e. as human being), we also lives and exists within domains that are also being created (time and space).

While “Space” as creation is easier to be understood, “Time” is less easier to be comprehended. Space is matter and can be sensed and touched, but time is not. Time can only be sensed through our mind and consciousness. But both will be lost when we are unconscious, such as when we are sleeping, we no longer sense the time and space (i.e. awareness of where we are and how much time has passed). This is when we “temporarily” detach ourself from Time and Space. Similarly, when we die (i.e. permanent sleep), both elements are no longer applicable and true to us.

If Time and Space are Creation – then, does Allah (God) exists within Time and Space, or His existence is above and beyond? It must be logically so. This is clear from the Quranic verses such Ayatul Qursi and many others. That means Allah (God)’s existence is beyond the Space (i.e. the Universe) and Time. Again, it is easier understood that God’s existence is beyond Space, but how about beyond Time?

If God’s existence is beyond time, it means that He existed Before, Now and After – without any limitations. Which mean He exists in the Past and the Future as well. He exits in the past is again easier to understand, but how does he exists in the “future”? If He exists in the future, means that He already “know” or “saw” what the future is. Or in plain language, there is no yesterday, today or tomorrow to God. It only applicable to us, human being. To God, tomorrow has already “happen”. as much as “yesterday” has already happen. The logic here is that if God is constrained and bounded by Time, then He cannot be God. Since Time itself is His creation. “LA YAUDUHU HIFZUHUMA” (His presence has no boundaries (i.e. physical and time). God must be beyond space (well accepted) but also He must be beyond Time (which is less understood).

Most of our common understanding about God exist beyond time is as follows: That God exists, and He shall “live beyond Time” i.e. (in Malay – Dia kekal selama-lama nya). This understanding is wrong and what I am intending to dispel. Why this is wrong is that, we assume that the Future does not yet “happen” to God, which imply that God Himself has limitation – which is in full contrary to the logic above, and to the descriptions in the Quranic verses. The right word should be “God exists, and Time is not applicable to Him”. He does not exists within the domain of time.

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