Good Soul vs. Bad Soul

It is very hard to say when any soul came down to this earth, whether he is by “design” to be a Good Soul or a Bad Soul (i.e. good person or bad person). There has been many theories by psychologists trying to interpret the nature of human beings. Is it by nature, all human beings are “good” but his education, environment, upbringing, etc., eventually mold him to be a good or bad person. Some even went in depth to study identical twins and observe them to see whether the “physical” nature of the person determines their character and whether identical physical character has a role to play with the “moral character” of the person.

Interestingly enough, non of the studies can conclusively point out which factor is the most dominant element in determining one’s character. While there are enough evidence to point out education, environment, upbringing, etc, as important; but by itself, it is insufficient.There are many examples of students being brought up under religious education and yet turn out to be rascals; and vice versa, many examples of children brought up under decadent environment and yet grew up to be of exemplary character. History is full of such accounts.

My own hypothesis would be that – the Soul and its character – is pretty much an “individual” matter. God is speaking “directly” to the Soul – as the Quran says: FA AL HAMAHA FUJUURAHA WA TAQWA HA” (He will send ILHAM (thoughts) to human being about the evil deeds and the good deeds). And those who follow the Good thoughts will succeed, and those follow the bad thoughts will be doomed. Therefore, regardless of the environment, upbringing, education, etc., the final choice will be that person’s own (soul’s) choice. And such choices determines the character of the person.

Therefore, an identical twin will take separate path, even though they share a lot of physical characteristics; similarly brothers and sisters from the same parent will go each own way; and so on. And in hereafter, as the Quran says – everyonw will face God “FARDA” (as his own self, alone). An on that day – YAWMA YAFIRRUL MAR’U MIN AKHIIH, WA UMMIHI WA ABIIH WA SOHIBATIHI WA BANIIH” – On that day everyone will avoid his own brothers, his mother and father, his close associates and children.

Every soul has journeyed on this earth on his own, and therefore, the day will come when he will face God alone, and he is alone to face all the consequences of his own deeds.

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