A deep, pensive, and long lasting sadness.

From my point of view, that is the best way to describe personal view of the state of politics in Malaysia. The cause of such state of affairs are possibly many, and if you asked people, they will come out with many opinions of their own why such is the case.

From what I can see, what we had, has been all the missing opportunity to make the right choices, along the way. We had the choice to adopt full market economy and practice, but instead, we continue to fight for a so-called “guided economy”, which is to continue justifying “hand overs”, “awards” and so on to close associates. We had the chance to open up our media, but we continue to put our head under the sand with the various sedition acts and so on; to stifle the opposing views – despite the advancement of the internet as alternative media. We had the chance to remove draconian laws such as the ISA, but we keep holding on to it, as if it is God sent laws. And we can lament on with many others…

The best explanations off course, would be to blame the BN and UMNO. That would be the simplest. But by and large, we have to understand that we, the people, decides who should be in the Parliament, and in turns decide who would be ruling the country.

And to me that is the “melancholy” part of the whole thing, I truly believe that, unless we all Malaysians, realizes that the future of the nation and our people, will only change if change ourselves, and start to exercise our rights – to pressure our elected representatives at each constituent level. They represent us and therefore, they must voice out our views and opinions. And they must act to the best interest of the people in their constituents rather than their own political lines.

To me, this is the roots, and if we move from the roots, we should be able to make the changes to happen in much surer way. It is a long process, but the process will have better chance to riddance this melancholy state that we are in.


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