Dear Friends and readers

  1. I have to admit with lots of apologies for not posting anything new on this space for a while. There are no excuses to be given. It was just pure laziness and a bit of lack of focus on my part. For the past couple of years I have been contemplating on many things, which I had set myself as my own targets in life. In particular, when you reach the last few miles of your given life, namely when you reached fifty years of age.
  2. One of my goal, when I reached fifty, is to publish book(s) that I had written over the years. Until today, that has not been accomplished. All remains in draft forms and in various areas – ranging from the economy, philosophy, general writing, business and so on. None are even ready to be sent to any publishers for review. The problem that I face is one of perfectionist (at least from my own perspective); I would like to publish a completed work, and not anything that are hastily done. I want to be sure that the ideas presented are correct and clear.
  3. What I would do from now on, is to continue the writing in this space, and I will start to include what I had prepared for various books that I had planned. I hope, that would be a better way to get an early response and feedback from what I plan to publish. With that, I hope I could test the various writings through the readership of the articles presented here.
  4. I would also create a new focus in this Blog; namely in the area of financial economics. This area of focus would include many works that I had done, as well some of the thoughts that I am proposing in this field. The subject could be a bit more rigorous and had major inclinations towards the academic side, which may bore many readers but could be of interest for Masters and PhD students in the field. In fact, the purpose is to help many graduate students that are taking the field of economics, finance, as well as Islamic finance worldwide. This would be the new area that I will include.
  5. Furthermore, I also would start to include some writings on “religious” matters – which would be aimed at understanding Islam and religion in general. I plan to do with a direct and “bare all” approach, which could create uneasiness in with some readers.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for reading and please keep on reading. And for those who did make remarks and comments, I have to say upfront that I do not plan this blog to be an interactive type. So please pardon me if I do not respond to to you and your comments.


Wan Hasni. Kuala Lumpur. 09.12.2015



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