I can take no teacher;  

For a teacher is nothing more than his ideas.

If his ideas are of any truth;               The veracity of the truth is unproven.

If his ideas are based on logics;       The logics are mired with imperfections.

If his ideas are speculations;             There are suppositions to match it rigours.

If his ideas are accepted with blind faith;   I can’t have blind faith, since it is a delusion.

I turn to Religion;

Religion promises of ultimate salvation.

Alas, but religion is matter of interpretations; The interpretations are narrow winded paths.

Alas, the preaching does not match the conducts; Conducts affirms the veracity of meanings.

Alas, I cannot cheat myself in matter of seeking Truth; I must extricate Truth from pretences.

Avoidance of pretence took me to philosophy;

It promises the land of enlightenment.

Philosophy is not on teachers, but on strings of arguments;  Conclusion could be deduced with clear sights.          

Philosophy couldn’t conflict religion; Illuminations strengthen the beliefs.

Philosophy is nevertheless, an infinite quest; Yet my life is too short to comprehend the final truth.

I have to use the best of my intellect;

It is the paramount chance that I have.

Intellect is prone to disease;     It is called doubts.

Intellect requires proofs;      Proofs are never final.

Intellect hence mingles with doubts;   Doubts upon doubts.

But, I am responsible on me;  No others do.

But, I must be free;   Otherwise I am in vain.

By teachers;   I found none

By religion;   I found hypocrisy

By philosophy; I found infinite regress

By intellect;   I found doubts

What shall I do?

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