Degrees of Truth & Ignorance

Truth is between 100% Truth, or 100% certainty; which is the absolute Truth, and anywhere below 100% to 0%, which would be some “degrees of Truth”; where at 0% is absolute Ignorance. Anywhere in between, x% Truth and (1-x)% Ignorance. So what we have is the two extremes, absolute Truth (100% Truth and 0% Ignorance), and absolute Ignorance (0% Truth, and 100% Ignorance), and the rest would be the trade-off between Truth and Ignorance.

So any Truth that we hold, unless it is absolute Truth, would only be a mix of Truth and Ignorance. Very rarely we could hold absolute Truth,since that is the domain that would generally be true to ourself (e.g. we know with absolute knowledge that we are lying), but not of the others. This is the problem that we face all the time in our life.

For example, Muslims would say that Islam is the true religion, and hence hold the Truth. Does he profess that because he is has the full knowledge and authority to do so? Does he has the full knowledge and free from any Ignorance (i.e. 0% Ignorance), so that he can make such claims? The problem that I would like to point out is “Ignorance”. There are off course some degrees of Truth in his claim, but also at the same time, the claim was made with lots of Ignorance. Ignorance is what bothers me, and should bothers all of us, for sincere Truth seekers.

Even on matters which are simple fact of life, we have lots of Ignorance; and therefore, the Truth is veiled from us, due to such Ignorance. What more if we talk on matters or religion, faith, and immortality of the Soul. For we are really Ignorant of the many facets when comes to these matters.

My worry is, as we discussed about religion, each group or parties, claimed and upheld that they are the one holding the true path or the Truth. But all of these claims are with loads of Ignorance plaguing them, deep from within. Few, I would say,understand Islam (or any other religion for that matter), with least Ignorance in them. And few are humble enough to admit that they are by and large are Ignorant about many things in relation to religion, and in particular Islam.

For example, the issue of Hudud laws, are full of remarks that are Ignorant; in particular from those proponents of Hudud (which the burden of explaining is on them). Very few of the Ustaz and Tok Guru (if any) are really proficient with the subject matter. For example, I would ask them, if they could tell how was Hudud being implemented, say during the Ottoman empire, or during the Mamluks of Egypt? I would dare to say that few, if not none, who could give clear answers. If we study the history of the Islamic history, one will stop and wonder, with all the killings between the various ruling elites (for example, the Ottoman’s practice of of fratricide), were tolerated. And how Hudud laws would treat such things or cure such things?

I have never doubted that Hudud is the Law of Islam, and enjoined by the Quran and Prophet Muhammad (saw). But I doubted the forms, versions, methods, understanding of Hudud among those who profess to implement it within the society as laws. The problem that I have is with the claims of upholding the Truth (i.e. Hudud as the ultimate laws), versus the levels of Ignorance.

As indicated above, Truth has many degrees, as well as, on the diametrical side of it, is degrees of Ignorance. My worry, is if the Ignorance far outweigh the Truth, then we are really pushing for troubles, because Ignorance leads to many other problems that might not even know or understand.

This example is so blatant in the case of ISIS. There is little Islam (or Truth) in their claims and actions – but full of Ignorance. So far, we have seen how devastating the results are. Off course Hudud is not ISIS, but the parallel are rather worrisome.

In fact, we are suffering from too much Ignorance and too little Truth. We have to work hard to uplift our Ignorance and get nearer to the Truth first, before we could claim any demands of upholding Truth. This is true in life, and more so in religion.


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