Truth, False, and Ignorance

This is a continuation of the previous subject on “Degrees of Truth & Ignorance”.

The opposite of Truth is always thought to be False. This is not exactly correct. As described before, the exact opposite of Absolute Truth is Absolute Ignorance. In between are various degrees of Truth. Similarly, the exact opposite of Absolute False is also Absolute Ignorance (rather than Absolute Truth). This is a very important concept to understand, because the general perception that Truth must be absolute, and the opposite of such Truth is False is a major mistake that we commit ourself most often.

Let us explain this in more details.

First: we must admit that any fact that Absolutely True, implies the opposite fact must be Absolutely False. Which means, any statement that is Absolutely True, explains Absolute False as well. For example the statement that “all swans are white” is False, which means the statement that “not all swans are white” is True. And the reverse is also the same. So any True or False statement has the exact opposite. Hence, any Absolute Truth will have an equivalent Absolute False.

Second: Not all matters can be investigated by looking for Absolute Truth, but instead it can only be investigated by looking at Absolute False. For example the statement “all swans are white” and “some swans are black”. The first statement can only be falsified – hence by searching for a single swan that is NOT white, we have proven that it is False. Whereas, the second statement, can only be proven to be True by observing a single black swan.

Third: In between our search for Absolute Truth or Absolute False, is where Ignorance play its role. If we have Absolute Ignorance, we can’t say that something is Absolute Truth neither we can admit it as Absolute False. The presence of this “intermediate phase” called Ignorance is what obscures us from concluding into anything, except that we have to admit that we don’t know.

It can be shown in a diagram below:

Truth False IgnoranceThis is important to be understood so that we don’t equate non-presence of Absolute Truth as the presence of Absolute False necessarily.

This is best explained by the issue of religion: e.g. Islam is the True religion, and other religion are False. This is definitely a controversial and sensitive matters to many readers; since for example a Muslim, will say with absolute affirmation that is True; and say another person, who is a Christian, will say that it is absolutely false. And we can go on and add more and more people into the debate. Everyone, will say that their position is True, and others are False. So where do we “actually stand”.

If we understand what I am trying to explain here, then we can find the answer: None is absolute, but almost everyone is stuck in the realm of Ignorance. In fact, I would claim that most are very near to the “Absolute Ignorance”, rather than on Absolute Truth or False domain.

That’s why the debates about religion is best left to the Scholars and educated people, rather than to the Ignorants.




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