In this article I would like to take it light, something not too serious, but good for us to ponder and contemplate.

Life is like a balloon.

When you are growing up, you blow it with your full might.

While it ballooned up makes you wonder, how large it could be.

You became sometimes proud, and sometimes despair.

As you continue to blow with your full breath.

But remember, it could pop on a sudden.

As it grows larger, you wonder, could this last forever.

Maybe it could make you think you can rise up, to the sky

…and brings you to the greatest height

But, could this be only a wish or dream…of wishful dreamer

How big, how high, do you realize that it is all only air?

As times passes by your balloon will start to shrink, even how hard you blow

As all the rubber starts to fail

And the day it will surely pop, regardless what you do

And then only you realize that the air is never permanent

Then why are you chasing all the air in your life….as wishful dreamer?

Did you remember that The Quran says that Verily all the Bubbles will go away

What remains are only Good deeds that benefits the Mankind.


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