I finally had thought out what i would like to write and publish. Something that I had planned to do since 2001. But I suffer from writers “syndrome of perfection” – that is I want to publish only something that is perfect. Because of that I have so many drafts of books that I seemingly could never complete. Anyhow, here I would share what I plan to do.

To develop a common theme and approach of my writings as follows

  • Objective: to relate economic issues to the general public, people’s interest on economics, business and finance.
  • What problems that I am setting out to solve? There are very few books written on the subject, in simple language – in a manner of story telling. Academic textbooks will not do, and yet too factual books with too much jargon and technical language, will also not do.
  • What confusions do I wish to clarify? There are many facts and fallacies out there; many misconceptions, confusions arising out of many reasons. We want to simplify, separate correct analysis and facts – from myths, fallacies and fictions.
  • What previously unknown or unfortunately neglected story am I planning to tell?  I would like to tell balanced story; not promoting specific agenda or ideas.
  • How is these books different from all other books? It has to be concise, not too long, since very few people are serious readers. It has to be focused and yet, general enough.
  • Why does that matter? To whom? Anyone interested in business and economics


The planned (tentative) list are as follows:

  • Story of Business (partly done)
  • Story of Risks (started)
  • Story of Asian Financial Crisis (almost done)
  • Story of Dark Finance (started)
  • Story of Islamic Finance (not yet)
  • Story of Life (partly done)
  • Story of Capital (not yet)
  • Story of the Malays (started)
  • Story of Game Theory (not yet)
  • Story of Value (not yet)
  • Story of Money (not yet)
  • Story of Dinar (not yet)
  • Story of Knowledge (not yet)
  • Story of Probability (started)
  • Story of Inequality (not yet)
  • Story of Economic Theory (not yet)
  • Story of Islamic Economic Theory (not yet)
  • Story of Laws & Regulations (not yet)
  • Story of Justice (not yet)
  • Story of Economic Management of Malaysia (not yet)

A very raw draft of “Story of Business” is here. Story of Business Draft v0 2016.08.28





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